Employment and contract

This is how you use DFØs digital solution for employment and contract.

To sign the contract

Those working on an assignment, monthly employees and hourly employees can sign the contract electronically.

When the contract is signed electronically a new function in the menu will appear in the DFØ-app and the self-service portal. This is called “My contracts” and will show previous, current, and future contracts.

As an hourly employee you will also use this function to report your hours.

This is how you sign the contract

Time sheets for hourly employees

As an hourly employee you need to submit time sheets during the contract period to get the hours paid out.

In the following guidance you can learn how to send your hours, and what to do if the time sheet is returned to you.

This is how our digital solution for employment and contract works

DFØs digital solution includes employment and contract for employees with work assignments, monthly employees, and hourly employees.

The solution can be used for employing and writing contracts for external persons who will do a time limited job for the company, or for temporary employees with a monthly or hourly contract.

The solution can be used when the contract has a predefined contract budget.

The process is initiated by an orderer who needs a resource. The orderer uses the DFØ-app to order a new contract and do not need an additional role or authorization to do this.

The caseworker uses the self-service portal to process the contract and can also create a new contract without an orderer being involved. A manager with budget allocation authority approves the contract in the DFØ-app.

Those who are employed will verify and register personal information by signing the contract electronically. Hourly employees can then proceed to register hours in the DFØ-app.

The payment is done digitally. If it is an assignment contract a payment form will automatically be generated after the end date of the contract, and the caseworker approves the payment in the self-service portal.

Hourly employees need to register their hours in the DFØ-app every month. The hours will be sent for approval to the caseworker who approves in the self-service portal.

Updated: 5. August 2022


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