Order new contract (self-service portal)

This is how you order a new contract for employees with work assignments, monthly employees, and hourly employees in the self-service portal.

All employees have a menu option called “Order contract” in the self-service portal.

Here you can:

  • See previously sent orders
  • Copy previous orders by clicking “Create Copy” to the bottom right
  • Order a new contract for a desired resource

Press “+ Create new” to the bottom left to order a new contract.

The form is divided into three steps, “Who”, “Contract” and "Comment". Enter the information about who the contract applies to on the “Who” step. Enter text in the “First name”, “Last name”, “Email” and “Phone number” fields. Select country from the list under “Nationality”. All these fields are obligatory.

Enter information regarding the contract terms on the “Contract” step. Select the start date and end date from the calendar in the “Start date for contract” and “End date for contract” fields. You can also enter the dates manually. These two fields are the only obligatory fields under “Contract”.

The field “Organisational unit” will be prefilled with your own organisational unit. You can change this information if you have the necessary access (A290).

There are three different options for the “In which country will the task be completed?” field: “Norway”, “Abroad” and “Partially abroad”. If you select "Abroad" or "Partially abroad" a field where you must select country will appear. Select the correct country from the list.

Select whether it is a contract for employees with work assignments, monthly employee or hourly employee in the "Type of contract" field. Select the contract type for the employee in the "Contract type" field. 

You can enter information to the caseworker on the "Comment" step. To save the draft click "Save" to the bottom right. To send the form, click the button “Go to summary” below the comment field.

You will then see a summary of the contract. You can click "Edit" to the right if you want to edit the contract. To send the contract for approval, click "Send for approval" to the bottom right.

Click "Send" in the confirmation box. A new information box will appear to confirm that the form has been submitted.

Oppdatert: 27. april 2021


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