Create new or process contract (for caseworker contract)

If you are a caseworker for contracts you can read about how to process or create contract proposals here.


Process contract proposal

A contract proposal will appear in the inbox of the caseworker contract when an orderer has submitted a request. Open “My inbox” and click the applicable task to process the proposal. Click “Open task” in the bottom right corner.

You can see who has ordered the proposal in “Step 1 – Who” in the “Orderer” field. The “Comment from orderer” and “Information” fields may also contain information from the orderer.

The following fields may be prefilled but are editable: “Start date for contract”, “End date for contract”, “First name”, “Last name”, “Email”, “Phone number”, “Nationality”, “Organisational unit”, “Cost allocation”, “In which country will the task be completed”, and “Contract type”.

You can process, delete or return the form. Further processing of the contract proposal is exactly the same as if you create a contract.

Create new contract

As caseworker contract you can initiate the process of creating a contract without involving an orderer. You can create contracts under “Contract tasks” in the self-service portal. This will also contain previously created contracts that you have initiated.

The previous contracts will show in the left-hand pane when you click “Contracts”. Click “+Create new” in the bottom left corner to create a new contract.

Step 1 – Who

This step is the same for all contract types: hourly, monthly, and assignment contracts. The obligatory fields are marked with a red star. In the bottom right corner, you can click “Save” to save the draft or “Cancel” to cancel the registration.

You can select between hourly, monthly or assignment contract in the “Contract type” field. Further registration of the contract will depend on this choice.

Enter the dates of the contract in the “Start date of contract” and “End date of contract” fields. You can select the dates from the calendar or enter them manually.

You can search for the employee in SAP by filling out the fields “Employee number”, “First name”, “Last name”, “Initials”, “Email”, “Phone number” or “Nationality”. Enter information in one or more fields to narrow down the search. Click the “Search” button. Some of these fields may be prefilled if the form is created by an orderer, but they are editable.

Register initials and tick the box for user if the employee needs access to the self-service portal. You will be able to register initials when rehiring if they are not registered before. An error message will appear if you tick the box for user without entering initials.

Caseworkers from the University of Bergen or the University of Oslo do not have to fill the “Initials” and “Email” fields.

A list of employees will appear if they already exist in SAP with the entered criteria. Select the employee by clicking the name. Information from SAP will be automatically entered. You will only be able to edit the email and phone number. Other changes must be made in the SAP core system.

It is not possible to select employees with a 100% position. The following message will appear:

If your search does not give any results this means that the employee is not registered in SAP. Click “New employee” to register a new employee and enter the missing information.

If the employee is already employed in SAP for the same agency, and has previously had contracts from the same solution, you can click “Contract overview” next to the employee number field. This will show an overview of the employees’ contracts that are registered in IT9024 in SAP.

The following display will appear when you click “Contract overview”:

Click “Step 2” when the correct employee is registered.

Step 2 and further guidance

The rest of this guide is divided in work assignments contracts, monthly contracts, and hourly contracts.

Edit phone number or email

You can edit the registered phone number or email address once the contract has been submitted for signing. This may be applicable if the wrong information is registered or if the contract is not signed by the employee. Possible reasons for the employee not signing the contract might be that the incorrect email has been registered, or that they experience problems when logging in. The system will resend the login email if you change the email address.

Click “Contracts” from the main menu and find the correct contract from the left-hand pane. The contract must have status “For signing” to be editable. Click “Edit phone number or email”.

Register the new information and click “Send new email”.

A confirmation box will appear and confirm that a new email has been sent.

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