Register travel requests and advances

You can register a travel request in the self-service portal and use this later to complete your travel expense claim.


Remember that you can also register travel requests and advances in the DFØ app.

To register a travel request, click “Travel requests and advances” from the main menu.

Enter obligatory information under “General data”.

Enter any additional destinations by clicking “Add new destination”.

Under “Estimated costs” enter the total estimated costs of your trip. Note that this amount will not be paid as an advance.

If you need an advance, click “Enter advances”. Enter the amount and click “Check”.

If relevant, tick any boxes under “Means of transport to be approved”.

Continue by clicking “Accept”.

Under the next step, “Review and submit”, check that the amount for estimated costs is correct. Then select “Save and submit for approval”.

Under “Step 3 – Completed” you will see a confirmation that your travel request has been saved and submitted for approval.

Check the status of your travel request

Click “List of my travel/expense reimbursement claims” from the main menu. Here you can check the status of your travel request.

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