Work assignment contract

If you are a caseworker for contracts you can read about how to process or create work assignment contracts here.


Step 1 – Who

Step 1 is the same for all types of contracts. Read more about step 1.

Step 2 – Contract

In step 2 you enter the contract information and organisational affiliation, and you can change the cost allocation.

The field “Contract type” has a drop-down menu with several options that will decide the employee group (EG) and employee subgroup (ES) of the employee. See the SAP user documentation for more information regarding the connection between the contract type and EG/ES.

The field “Organisational unit” will show all organisational units available for you. This will be controlled by your authorization access (A290).

A list of all available positions active in the contract period will appear when you select an organisational unit. The “Employees” column will show the number of employees hired in this position.

You can create a new position by clicking “Create new position”. Enter the position description, position category, and occupational code. Click “Save” when the obligatory information is entered.

The fields “Geographical workplace”, “Position” and “Occupational code” will be automatically updated with information from the position and organisational unit.

It is the cost allocation from the organisational unit that will be registered if the “Cost allocation” is marked with “Standard”. This can be changed by ticking “Other”, and this information will be posted in IT0027 in SAP. It is not possible to divide the percentage share into several cost allocations when creating work assignment contracts.

Click the applicable line (either salary or travel expense) and enter the correct allocation before clicking “Save” in the bottom right corner. You can also delete the line by clicking “Remove cost allocation”, then it will go back to the standard allocation for the organisational unit. Click the arrow in the top left corner to go back.

At the bottom of the page you can tick the box under “Special conditions” if the employee is to be exempt from employer’s tax (AGA). This will affect the posting of wage types in SAP.

Click “Step 3” at the bottom left corner when all the information is entered.

Step 3 – Tasks

In this step you enter the contract budget. There is no limitation for how many tasks you can enter, but you must enter at least one. Click “+Add task” to create a new task.

The field “Tasks” is a search field, and a list of tasks will appear if you click on it. The kind of tasks that appear will depend on what type of contract you selected in step 2. The tasks you select will affect which wage types that will be registered. If the contract type only contains one task the field will be prefilled and not changeable.

Register one amount per task. The sum of the tasks is the contract budget.

It is possible to overrule the cost allocation for some tasks. This is only necessary if the task needs to have another cost allocation than the contract in general. It is possible to register different cost allocation on all the tasks, but it is not possible to change the cost centre. This is done the same way as described in step 2.

You must decide whether the work assignment is to be paid with or without tax. If you tick "Exempt tax", a wage type without tax is generated. The function is available for all work tasks on assignment contracts except "Member of board, council and committee"

You must also enter the work country. This will affect the registration in SAP and thus the reporting. You will be able to select the country if you select “Abroad”.

Click “OK” when all the information is entered. You can enter more tasks by clicking “Add task”. Click “Step 4” to proceed.

Step 4 – Attachments

You can add attachments in step 4 by clicking “+Add attachment(s)”. There is also a free text field for contract where the information will be added in the contract when sent for signing.

Click “Step 5” to proceed.

Step 5 – Comments

Here you can add information to the next processor with budget allocation authority.

See summary page and submit

Click “Go to summary page” when you have entered all the information for the contract proposal. This page will show a summary of all the information. It is possible to click “Edit” for each step if something needs to be changed. You must search for the employee again if you do any changes in step 1.

The “Display contract” button at the bottom of the page will show a copy of the contract that the employee needs to sign. It is important that you read through this.

Click “Submit” to send the contract proposal. Confirm in the confirmation box. The form will be sent to a processor with budget allocation authority.

You can save the draft and continue later by clicking “Save”. Click “Cancel” to cancel the registration. You can copy the contract proposal by clicking “Copy”. It is recommended to submit the form before copying to ensure that data is not lost.

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