Time sheet

You will find “Time sheet” under “Time” in the self-service portal. Here you can see your registered hours.

Click “Download” to open the applicable time sheet.

The time sheet will be automatically updated every night, which means that your new registrations will not be visible before the next day. Your absence requests must be approved before they will appear in the time sheet.

You can search for a specific month in the “Search” field and do a specific period search by clicking “Custom time sheets”.

Here you can enter the period you want to view. Click “Create time sheet” to see the time sheet for the selected period.

The time sheet will be in a PDF format when printing or downloading. You can save the time sheet on your computer or print it by clicking these icons.

Description of terms

  • Hrs: The total amount of hours and minutes registered
  • Cred. hours: Hours registered according to regulations
  • Plan: The total hours planned according to the work schedule rule
  • Flex: The change in the compensatory time balance after registration
  • Daily schedule: A technical description of your work schedule. The numbers often indicate the length of the workday.
  • Basic collective agreements for the civil service overtime: Overtime according to the Basic collective agreements for the civil service

You can use “Group table rows” to change the order of the time sheets.

Updated: 5. August 2022


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