Forward overtime for processing

This is how you forward overtime/travel time for processing.

The whole task

To forward the whole overtime/travel time task, open the task from “My inbox” and click “Forward”.

Search for the person you want to forward the task to.

You can add an optional comment, and then click “Forward”.

Parts of the task

To forward parts of the overtime/travel time task, click “Open task” from “My inbox”.

You can click “Forward to user” in the column to the far right. Here you can select whom to send parts of the task to.

The list will show available approvers. Select the person you want to forward the task to.

This persons username will appear in the “Forward to user” column. Click “Save” to send the task.

Click “Yes” to confirm forwarding the task. The tasks that are not forwarded will stay in your inbox.

Updated: 5. August 2022


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