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Norwegian Government Agency for Financial Management

The Norwegian Government Agency for Financial Management (DFØ) was established by the Ministry of Finance on January 1, 2004. DFØ will strengthen financial management within public sector activities and improve resource efficiency within the area.

Contact Information

Mail Address:

Direktoratet for økonomistyring (DFØ)
PO Box 7154 St. Olavs plass
0130 Oslo

Visitor Address:

Karl Johans gate 37 B 
0162 Oslo

Phone & Fax:

Tel. + 47 400 07 997
Fax + 47 22 41 42 42
E-mail: post@dfo.no 

This will be achieved by coordination of competence and resources within public financial management, enabling us to exploit economies of scale and competence. The goal is higher quality and lower total cost for the public sector within financial management.

Today, DFØ serves approximately 200 organisations under the various ministries, through systems and services within accounting, budgeting, wages and human resources, in addition to technical support and training on relevant systems.

In addition to deliveries of financial systems and services to customers, DFØ is responsibe for certain central activities transferred from the Ministry of Finance in May 2004. These are state account, the state cash system, and administration of regulations for financial management in central government.

The agency has approximately 380 employees divided on three regional offices and a central unit in Oslo.

For more information about DFØ, please contact the main office.