The Future of Law-Making

13–14 June 2019. 11th OECD Conference on Measuring Regulatory Performance – Oslo, Norway.


Tentative agenda for day 1 (morning)

Keynote speech 

By Siv Jensen, Minister of Finance, Norway

Opening remarks

By Irène Hors, Deputy Director, OECD Public Governance Directorate and the chair of the OECD Regulatory Policy Committee Jeannine Ritchot, Executive Director, Regulatory Policy and Cooperation Directorate, Regulatory Affairs Sector of the Treasury Board of Canada Secretariat.

Evidence-based policy making in a rapidly changing world

This session examines how Regulatory Impact Assessment (RIA) and ex post evaluation can inform laws in the future, helping policy-makers to stimulate innovation and address the challenges of transformative technologies. Discussions will cover the added-value and possible adjustments of RIA and ex post evaluation in light of rapid change. Participants will get the opportunity to reflect on how to assess impacts on innovation and on the blurring boundaries between ex ante and ex post evaluation in the future.

Panel discussion – Reality checks for laws: Better, bigger or smarter data?

This second session tackles how technological change can drive improvements to the quality and availability of data for evaluation. The panel discussion will explore why regulators often lack good data and evidence, how institutions such as statistical offices help to improve data collection, quality and access, and to what extent the public sector could learn from the private sector in using big and smart data, as well as algorithms, to evaluate the impact of regulations. Further, the session may discuss how to raise the cultural acceptance of evidence indicating non-performing laws.



Hilde Kyrkjebø

Maria Rosenberg

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