About us

DFØ is mandated to help ensure sound financial management in Norway’s government institutions and that the government reaches its goals through good governance, organisation, management and decision-making support.


What we do

Our main tasks are to:

  • provide shared payroll and accounting services to government institutions
  • administer the Instructions for Official Studies and the regulations on financial management in government institutions
  • provide advice and guidance on governance, socio-economic analysis, administration and management, employment issues and public procurement
  • administer joint purchasing agreements for government agencies and enterprises
  • investigate and analyse the state of government institutions, their development and need for change
  • offer professional development to leaders and employees of government agencies and enterprises
  • administer the systems for the government’s public accounts and consolidated accounts

Key figures

  • 465 employees (2019)
  • Some 90 per cent of all government agencies and enterprises use our payroll and accounting services (2019). See list of our customers.
  • 213,663 wage earners (2019)
  • 85,000 users of the DFØ app (2019)
  • NOK 645 billion paid out from the accounting system (2019)
  • 1,260,000 incoming invoices (2019)
  • 71 million transactions via the government’s consolidated accounts (2019)
  • 192 government agencies and enterprises report to the public accounts (2019)


We are organized in five divisions:

  • Division for Payroll (Stavanger)
  • Division for Accounting and Financial services (Trondheim)
  • Division for governance, organisation and leadership (Oslo)
  • Division for Strategic Planning and Joint Services (Oslo)
  • Division for Public Procurements (Oslo)
  • Communications Unit (Oslo)


  • Hilde Singsaas, Director General
  • Gøril Aune, Director of the Division for Accounting and Financial services
  • Christian Storhaug Johnsen, Director of the Division for Strategic Planning and Joint Services
  • Ruth Høyland Jønsrud, Director of the Communications Unit
  • Hilde Nakken, Director of the Public Administration and Analysis Department
  • Dag Strømsnes, Director of the Division for Public Procurements
  • Bjørn Sæstad, Director of the Division for Payroll
Contact Info

If you have any questions, contact us at postmottak@dfo.no.

  • Phone: + 47 400 07 997