About us

The Norwegian Government Agency for Financial Management (DFØ) is a central administrative agency under the Ministry of Finance, and was established on January 1, 2004. We have 456 employees and are located in Oslo, Stavanger and Trondheim.


What we do

We develop efficient financial management for public sector activities and work to improve resource efficiency.

This is achieved by coordination of competence and resources in public financial management, thus enabling us to exploit economies of scale and competence. The goal is higher quality and lower total cost for the financial management of the public sector.

We serve approximately 227 organizations under the various ministries, through systems and services with accounting, budgeting, wages and human resources, in addition to technical support and training on relevant systems.

In addition to delivering financial systems and services to customers, we are also responsible for certain central activities transferred from the Ministry of Finance in May 2004. These are state accounts, the state cash system, and administration of regulations for financial management in central government.


We are organized in five departments:

  • Payroll Department (Stavanger)
  • Accounts Department (Trondheim)
  • Public Administration and Analysis Department (Oslo)
  • Strategy and Integrated Services Department (Oslo)
  • Communications Unit (Oslo)


  • Hilde Singsaas, Director General
  • Gøril Aune, Director of the Accounts Department 
  • Wibecke Høgsveen, Director of the Public Administration and Analysis Department
  • Christian Storhaug Johnsen, Director of the Strategy and Integrated Services Department
  • Ruth Høyland Jønsrud, Director of the Communications Unit 
  • Bjørn Sæstad, Director of the Payroll Department

If you have any questions, contact us at postmottak@dfo.no.

  • Phone: + 47 400 07 997
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